Saturday, November 22, 2008

TJ is HOME!!!!!!

After three of the longest weeks of my life my hubby is home. My girls haven't left his side since he has been home which he is loving every minute of it. It is amazing how much you can miss someone. I truly missed TJ every day he was gone, and just wanted him to come home. Well he did yesterday morning looking like this:

Thats right! He grew a burly beard. He figured he didn't need to shave for 2 1/2 weeks since he wasn't around anyone who really cared. Plus he wanted to see if it would look good with his shaved head. When Addie saw him she was a little scared, but then warmed up to him throughout the day. He decided he didn't love it, and it started to get itchy so he shaved it last night. I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband, and I am so glad he is home. I love you Teej.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with my kids while Teej was gone. I am so lucky to have such great families that are always willing to give a helping hand.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Disney on Ice

This week I got to take my cute little Tay Tay to Disney on Ice. It was a really fun night out with my close friends Sunny & McKenzie. We left Addie behind to hang out with Grandma Carlson, Hailee & Carter (Thanks again for watching the little peanut). So it was just me and Tay, and I would have to say it was really nice to spend some one on one time with her. It doesn't happen very often. Plus it got both of our minds off of TJ being gone. I have never seen Taylor so excited about anything. The minute she saw Mickey & Minnie Mouse skating around she was screaming and dancing like crazy (thank goodness we knew the people in front of us). I would have to say that I enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks for the killer deal on tickets Kenz. I am always up for a good deal.

Tay, Me, Kenzie, Caden, Allie & Sunny

Tay, Me, Allie & Sunny with our PRICEY Cotton Candy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Taylor & Hadley getting ready to do the spooky dance.
They are usually a lot happier then what this picture shows.
Taylor & her new pumpkins

We are not the most creative carvers, but Taylor didn't care.

Halloween was lots of fun this year. Taylor is finally to the age where she just loves everything about it. We started off on Monday with dance. Taylor's dance teacher let all the girls come in there costumes to do spooky fun dances. After dance I took Tay & Addie over to the pumpkin patch to choose our pumpkins for this year. We got to carve our pumpkins on Wed, which TJ just loves to do (not). Then it was Halloween and this year Taylor was a Cute/Nice Witch and Addie was a Bumble Bee. Taylor did not want to be a scary witch. My best friend Sunny made their costume tutu's which made their costumes the cutest things ever. (Thanks again Sun!) I got to take the girls to TJ's work to trick or treat, and then we headed over to Amie's house (TJ's sister) for the trick or treat night. It is kind of a tradition for all of TJ's family to meets up there, and then all the kids go trick or treating in her neighborhood. I love to go to her house for Halloween not only to enjoy family, but they always make taco soup and homemade doughnuts (and who seriously doesn't like homemade doughnuts). You always leave their house feeling so awful from all the food you ate, but it is my favorite part. All in all it was a great 2008 Halloween.

The cutest witch & bumble bee I have ever seen.

Tay with her favorite snacks (tatoos & teddy grahams)

Addison hanging out with her Grandpa Gary.