Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

As always it has been a while. We had a great Thanksgiving & Christmas even though we were sick for both holidays. Addie had Bronchitis AGAIN over Thanksgiving but we went up to the family cabin anyway and left the cabin with Taylor sick also. Addie also woke up Christmas morning in throw up, and since then sickness has just gone through our whole family. I am the only one that has not come down with anything yet. (lets keep our fingers crossed). I think we have had our fair share of sickness this past year and hopefully we will be blessed with not as much this coming year. Even though we have been really sick it has been nice to stay home and enjoy our little family. Sometimes life just needs to stop us from our craziness and make us realize how lucky we are and to enjoy everything that we have. I am so thankful for my family for all of their love and support. It was nice to have a low key Christmas, but it just makes it that much harder to get back to reality. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well. Here are some pictures from December.

Every year my mom has a little Christmas party for just our family. She has Santa come and bring the kids a little something fun before Christmas. Both of my girls LOVED Santa this year. I think Addie might have enjoyed him more. She kept wanted to sit on his lap, kind of crazy since she is at the terrified of Santa age. My mom made cute little bags for all the kids that had their picture on it and pictures of things they enjoyed, along with fun things inside of the bag. Taylor has not let the bag leave her side.

Next it was off to see the lights at Temple Square. My family got to go up there right after Thanksgiving when my brother Milan was in town. But of course my girls were sick so we didn't go. We still got the chance to go this December. It was a quick trip since my girls don't enjoy the cold that much. (Just like their mom)

My little Marshmallow. She is such a cute little chunk that LOVES to eat.

Taylor & her cousin Hadley. They are the best of friends. They still have their fights here and there, but they are much better about playing and sharing. Tay just loves to play with her cute cousin Hadley.

TJ and I actually getting a pic alone. This doesn't happen very often. He is such a great husband, and I love him to pieces.

Every Christmas Eve I let my kids open their Christmas Jammies that they can wear for Christmas. It has been a tradition that we love. Well maybe I am the only one that loves it, but that's okay.


After getting Addie bathed from her throw up in bed experience we FINALLY got to go open presents. Taylor was so patient about waiting for Addie to get cleaned up. She is such a good loving sister. Here are the girls with their Christmas gifts.

TJ with his favorite treat he gets from Santa every Christmas.

Here is Harley. I think he might like Christmas more than anyone. He loves getting a new toy every year and won't put it down for anything. Not even a TREAT. He is such a big part of our family. My girls love him to death even though he hates to get bugged by them.

Addie with their new cleaning stuff. She loves to help mom clean the house.


We usually head to my parents house in the afternoon to do presents with my family.

Tay with her new Hannah Montana barbie she got from her cousin Payton. One of Taylor's favorite gifts she got this Christmas. (By the way it sings REALLY LOUD so I owe Milan and Sarah for that).

My Sister Sharri gave all of us Marshmallow spit things. The kids went crazy over them. I am sure my parents went a little crazy over them also. Addie just liked eating the marshmallows.

My Sister Sharri and My girls. I was trying to get a REALLY bad picture of my sister to put onto facebook since she likes to do that to me, but I didn't succeed. This one is pretty cute so I can't get her back YET!!


After the Evans family Christmas we head straight over to TJ's parents house for Dinner and Christmas with their family.

Addie with her new baby from her Grandma and Grandpa Carlson.

Taylor with her new Doll from her Grandma and Grandpa Carlson. She LOVES this Doll!!

All the Carlson Grandkids. Addie was being naughty and did NOT want to take a picture. So we had to get her favorite chair out (that is just Grandma Carlson's Christmas decoration, but Addie thinks it is just for her).

Our family Christmas picture. Can you tell Addie had a VERY LONG day.

Taylor & Addie wearing their new dresses that my Sister bought for them. They are so cute, and the girls thought they look like princesses. I have to agree.

Monday, November 2, 2009

October 2009

October is always a busy month for us. It seems like the month just flys by and we are all of a sudden getting ready for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Here are a few pics from the month.
Addie thinking she is SUPER COOL sitting on the potty.
(No she is not potty trained, but she loves to think she is big like her sister)

All the girls at Gardner Villages Petting Zoo.
Avery, Addie, Taylor & Allie

Me and the girls next to one of many witches there.

I love Gardener Village in October.

Pumpkin picking is always one of our favorite things to do.

I love these girls!!!!!

Cute Tay!!

Mischievous Addie! She is such a Doll!

This year we decided to just paint the pumpkins instead of carve them since TJ and I end up doing the whole thing anyways. The girls had a blast with this.


My cute little Lady Bug!

Our special Princess!

It has been a fun month for all of us and we ended the month with a bunch of sickness. Addie has Bronchitis and Taylor has Swine Flu. Stay clear of the Carlson's.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

San Diego Trip! (Picture Overload)

Last week we were able to spend a vacation week in San Diego. We had a TON of fun at Sea World, Disneyland, the beaches, and just hanging out at our awesome house we rented. Here are pics from the trip.

Sea World
Sea World was a lot of fun. The kids especially loved Shamu and the talking Sea Lions.


DisneyLand was a fun but LONG day. We tried to jam pack our day as much as we could to get as much in as possible. Taylor LOVED seeing the princesses and was scarred to death on Splash Mountain (She even told her dad after the ride was done "That was not a great idea dad"). There are so many fun & cute things for the kids. Addie LOVED going on almost all of the rides. She thought that was the best.

The Beach

The Beach is always fun, but always a lot of work when you combine kids and sand. Addie loved the water so much we couldn't keep her out of it. On the other hand Taylor didn't really care for it at all. She just wanted to watch instead.

San Diego Temple
Us adults took turns watching each others kids (including Grandma and Grandpa) so we could all attend the San Diego Temple. This is my favorite temple of all time on the outside so I couldn't wait to see what the inside was like. Well I was right it still is my favorite temple. It is absolutely amazing inside and the people that work there are incredibly nice and gave us a full tour of the entire temple.

The House

I have to say that even though we had a couple small issues about the house it was AMAZING. It was very fancy and we had our own pool, hot tub, fire pit and fresh fruit off the trees to enjoy with just our family. It had 4 bdrms and 3.5 baths. We loved it and we are so thankful for TJ's parents for pitching in to help us afford this amazing house. Thanks again.

The View!!!!!

Living Room/Dining Room

Fire Pit!

The Pool

All in All it was an awesome trip. The drive was not that bad. The kids better than we could have ever imagined. Even Addie (18 months) didn't have really any issues with the 11 hr drive. Thanks for all the fun everyone.