Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Discovery Gateway

Last week my girls and I were invited to go down to discovery gateway with our friend Annalee & Avery. It was a blast. I think my girls could have stayed and played there all day long. What a cute fun thing for kids to do. Thanks Annalee for taking us. We had so much fun. Here are some pics from the day.

Taylor playing house. Of course she found the baby first.

Addie & Tay riding on the horse in the farm.

My sweet little sheep.

Does anyone want to ride in this car??

The girls in the Helicopter. Taylor was scared to death of this at first. She jumped in it and it started making really loud noises like a real helicopter. I told her bye and to have a good flight and she LOST it. I didn't realize how bad that would scare her, but it was the funniest thing ever.

Taylor finally decided that it was not going to take off since it was mounted to the ground.


After the fun day at Discovery Gateway Annalee and I decided to stop at the fabric store to get a few things. That is where my nightmare happened. Taylor and Avery were in one cart and Addie was in the other cart in the bottom of the cart because she thinks she is too big to sit up front (FIRST BIG MISTAKE). Well it happened Addie was sitting down and the next thing I know she was on the floor. She had either tried to climb out or tried to reach for something which made her fall out of the cart right on her head against the cement floor. I have never been so scared. My day went from being a good mom to feeling like the most horrible mom ever. Thank goodness my friend Annalee was with me or else I might have lost it. Addie stopped crying after a minute and then starting running around the store and playing like nothing. I still was a little nervous so I decided to call her doctor and he said that we needed to keep a good eye on her since that is one of the scariest things to happen (That made me feel even worse). At the end of the day she was just fine. She had a small bruised bump on her forehead and that was it. I am so thankful that nothing else happened to her. She is such a joy to us in our life. She has the cutest personality and can lighten up your day in a second. I am a little embarrassed to share this, but I decided that maybe it might help someone else. If you think that it couldn't happen to you, you might just be wrong. I was!!

Our sweet little Addison.


On a better note TJ's sister Hailee had her cute little baby girl on February 18th. She is the cutest thing ever. She is such a good baby and I could just hold her all day long. Taylor loves her to death. All she does is talk about her new cute little cousin. So on that note we couldn't be happier to welcome baby Kylee to the world and to our family. She is adorable.