Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cabin Fun!

Here's our Fam. Kortni even got our cute Harley in the picture.

One of our families very favorite things to do every year is to go sledding up at the cabin in Bear Lake over Presidents Day weekend. We had so much fun this year. I just love that we can walk outside of the cabin and go sledding right on the roads. Its a perfect setup. I took Addie sledding for a while and then I would go and put her down for a nap so I could go out and have some more fun. Taylor loved the sledding this year, and couldn't get enough of it. We were out for hours and she still wanted more. She also loves to ride around on the Rhino with grandpa & hadley to go pick up the sledders after they have gone all the way down the hill. Our little dog Harley probably loves it the most. He just loves to chase everyone down the hill on their sleds. Even though we love sledding with the Family, we can't wait for it to get to be warm so we can go to the beach. Good Times!

Addie in her Christmas Story outfit. She probaby would have been fine sledding all day also, but it was rough on me to carry her back up the hill everytime. Talk about a workout. She is dang cute though.

Me and the girls getting ready to go down the hill.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Lets be Honest. Once you have a baby you await the day that your little one says their first word. Usually most babies say Dada first, but I have been trying to get Addie to say Mama first for a while since TJ got Dada first with Taylor. For awhile she has just been jabbering yeayeayeayea, or bababababa. Well a couple of weeks ago we went to Taylor's dance class and Addie just began saying her first word. All of a sudden it was TayTay over and over again. It just cracked me right up, and all I could think was that she had probably been trying to say that for a while since she had been saying yeayeayeayea all the time. Now we all know who her favorite is, well I kind of already knew that since Taylor is really the only one that can get her laughing. That whole entire day was filled with her saying TayTay. Now she will only say it when she knows that you are not listening very well, and the minute I hear her say it and try to get her to say it again she just looks at me and laughs saying Bababababababa. She seriously has the cutest personality every, and is such an amazing baby. I can't believe that she is almost 1 years old. It just breaks my heart that she is getting so big so fast. We love her so much, and can't imagine life without her. We are so lucky to have her in our lives. Taylor and Addison are the best of friends, and I am sure that is why Addison decided to let us know that and start saying TayTay.