Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today has been a crazy day for my little two year old. The picture above is Addie STILL sleeping from the night. No biggie except I took this picture at 2PM the following day. WHAT??!!!
A couple of nights ago Addie decided that she didn't really want to sleep the whole night (mostly because we took her Binky away and that is all she wanted the entire night). And then the next day we all had to wake up early so TJ and I both could get to work. I guess she was making up for loss time, but WOW 17 hours straight is just NUTS. I kept walking in her room to make sure she was still breathing, and finally woke her up at 2 PM. Who knows how long she would have slept if I would have never woke her up.
Addison has always been my unbelievable sleeper, but this tops her charts for sure.
Here is what she looked like when I woke her up.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Easter is always a lot of fun for the kids. I sometimes think that I enjoy it just as much. I always like to try and do things that my kids are going to remember.

**Last week I thought that I should take my girls somewhere fun, and looked up some Easter festivities that were going on. CottonWood Heights was having a free Easter egg dive in their indoor pool, and I thought the kids might think that was pretty fun even though that meant I had to brave the dreaded SWIMSUIT already. We made AnnaLee and Avery go with us, and what I didn't realize is that everyone else in the state was going to it also. There was so many people there that we barley got one egg each. We were able to stay and play in the water for another hour so at least we got to enjoy it a little bit. The eggs were empty, so it didn't really matter how many they got. All the kids got a little prize bag at the end. They had the Easter Bunny walking around and Taylor finally got brave enough to shake his hand. Of course I forgot my camera so no pic's from that day to show. It was fun, but CRAZY!!!

**Last Saturday we had a ward Easter breakfast and egg hunt. Taylor went for all the Dora eggs of course, and Addie was just excited to pick up colorful eggs off the ground.

**Monday night we went over to Grandma & Grandpa Evans house for an Easter egg hunt. There isn't too many young kids anymore so it was simple and fun (which is always nice).

**We tried to sleep in a little since it was conference, but Taylor OF COURSE was up early. We forgot about the Easter baskets and asked Tay to go let Harley outside. She ran right back into our room and couldn't even believe that the Easter Bunny had come. Obviously we didn't get much sleep after that. She made us get up to go look with her. Here are some pic's of the girl's getting into their baskets. We could barely get any pictures of the girls with Harley trying to get into it all. Our cute little pup loves Holidays, because he thinks he gets something too. I kind of felt bad that I didn't do a basket for him. I guess there is always next year.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Addie-Cuss!

Well she is TWO!!! It is crazy to think that Addison is so big, and that we have survived the past two years. Addie is a lot of personality and attitude, along with A LOT of MISCHIEF!! But she is so dang cute, and just makes us laugh all the time. We don't know what life would be without that crazy little girl. Here is a bit of info on our sweet, mischievous two year old.

Addie loves her food. This is from Spaghetti night.
She obviously loved it, and Harley is starring at her like he just wants to lick her face.
Addie thinks she is just as big as Taylor most of the time.
She had to play dress-up with Taylor. She makes a pretty cute Cinderella!!

Some Things Addie Loves at TWO!
1 - FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! (We can't keep her out of our pantry, and when I do she just cries at the pantry door. She could eat all day long if I let her)

2 - TAYLOR! (Even though Tay bugs her ALL THE TIME. She loves her to pieces. When Taylor is in time out in her room Addie will just sit outside her door and wait for her or try to break in to get her. Naughty, but cute)

3- BUBBLES (She would do bubbles all day. She thinks it is the coolest thing ever, especially when she gets to blow them herself)

4- BABIES & PLAYING HOUSE (If you ever see Addie playing she is usually holding a baby and a purse. I am sure she learned it from Tay, but she LOVES TO PLAY HOUSE WITH HER BABIES.)

5-The Words "NO" and "DON'T" - (As most of you know Addie has not talked a whole lot yet. She says more and more every day, but her most favorite words to say are NO and DON'T. Neither are good, but "SOMETIMES" is so Cute to hear them come out of that chubby girl.)

6- Her Stool - (Addie loves getting her stool out and putting in the kitchen to watch me cook. She thinks she is so much bigger when she stands on it.)

7- SLEEP - (Addie still LOVES her sleep. She doesn't sleep quite as much as she used to, but 9PM to 10AM straight and takes a 3 1/2 hour nap in the day which is still great in my eyes. I am usually the one to wake her up so we can start getting things done for the day.)

8- PRAYERS & SINGING - (Addie loves to pray even though you can't understand a word, and every time we end the prayer with amen she always says "YEAH". She also loves to sing songs with Taylor ALL THE TIME. You can't understand any of her songs either. She sings them in tune, but not the right words. It is usually just dubba dubba dubba dah. She loves to sing the words "Up Above" in twinkle twinkle little star, but that is pretty much it on understanding her in song.)

9- GRANDPA CARLSON (Don't get me wrong Addie loves all of her Grandparents, but there is something about Grandpa Carlson, which she has been that way since she was a baby. Addie would sit next to him all day without moving, which is weird for her because she NEVER sits still. She LOVES her PAPA more then I think she loves her mom & dad sometimes. She just thinks the world of him, and he is always the first person she wants to see when we go visit. A couple of weeks ago we were going to dinner with TJ's family and waiting for PAPA to get home from California. Addie heard the garage open and sat next to the garage door until he came inside. She had the biggest smile on her face, and gave him a giant hug. It was just so cute.)

10- Books (Addie could read books all day long as long as no one bugs her. She loves every book we have. You have to be careful when you tell her you want to read her a book because she will bring you about 20 of them at a time.)

We took Addie to the Doctor for her 2 year check up on her birthday. She actually didn't do to bad on the charts. She eats so much we thought she might be off the chart on weight, but she wasn't.
Height - 28 lbs - 70th percentile
Height - 34 1/4 inches - 60th percentile

The only concern we had was her holding her breath when she cries sometimes. She holds it until she passes out or almost passes out. It scares us every time to see her eyes roll and her body go limp, but the doc said that it isn't uncommon. I guess there is quite a few kids that do it, and to make sure not to make a big deal out of it or else it could start to become a attention thing when she gets older. Even though it is really scary for us still every time she does it, it is a relief to know that it is somewhat normal.

Addie got to celebrate her birthday a few times this week. We had a Carlson family party at our house last Sunday for Addie and Morgan, and then we celebrated her birthday at the Evans Easter party on Monday, and on Thursday (her actual birthday) our little family went to McDonalds play place (Tay's choice) and then had presents and cake at home. Here are some pics from the week.

Birthday party with the Carlson's. Addie LOVED all of her presents.

Birthday/Easter Party at the Evans.
I am pretty sure she liked the Easter part better than the Birthday part.

McDonald's Play Place. I have a lot of issues with play places with all the germs and stuff in them, but the kids love it so what do you do. Except at least let them enjoy on their birthday RIGHT??
Addie making music with her feet. She thought she was so big playing there.

Addie's Birthday Cake. Taylor helped pick the colors for the butterfly.
I think she liked the cake more than Addison did.
Addie getting ready to blow out her candles.
(Don't mind the mess in the background.
I was in the middle of sewing Easter skirts for the girls.)
Addie on her new giraffe stationary bike. She is a little chubby so maybe she could use a little workout. Just Kidding. It is actually a really cute toy that Taylor wants to play with all the time.