Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have some how forgot to mention our cute little pup Harley. He is the oldest and the smallest of my three kids. TJ and I got Harley just after we were married a little over five years ago, and even though he has a couple issues our family would not be the same without him. Harley was a spoiled only child until Taylor came into his life. I don't think he really realized how his world was going to change until this last year. Even though Taylor drives him nuts and dresses him up like one of her babies, they are still the best of friends. Harley is always bringing the ball to Tay to throw, or following her around in hopes that she will drop some of her food to him. Taylor loves to just boss him around and tell him that he is naughty and to go into timeout when ever he barks. The good news is that the two of them can keep each other occupied most of the time, which is awesome for me. All in all we love him and he completes our family.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

I am a day late on this, but I wanted to make sure to wish all of you Dad's out there a Happy Fathers Day! We were a little busy yesterday with Addison's blessing on top of it, so we really didn't get to focus on Dad's as much as I would have liked. Teej is an amazing husband and dad. He works really hard to take care of his clan at home. Taylor thinks the world of him and I am sure Addy will do the same here soon. He loves his girls more then anything in this world and would do anything for them. He makes us all laugh with his goofiness every day. We Love You Daddy!

As for my dad. The only word that comes to mind is WOW! He has truly been there for me my whole life. This past year he has really stepped it up beyond what I could imagine, and taken care of my cute mom. She has been down in bed for a year now and my dad has not only worked full time, but he comes home every night to cook dinner, do laundry, and be her personal doctor. He is amazing as a father and a grandfather. We appreciate and love you so much.

As for my Father-in-Law. Even though you haven't been in my life that long I still know how great you are. You come from a great Father yourself so I know that you were taught well. You are always there to help one of your kids with some kind of project to make sure it gets done right. We are very thankful for that. You have truly taught your boys how to become great fathers, and they are all just that. Thank you for always being there for us in what ever we need. We love you.

Giraffes, Elephants & Croc's Oh My!

We actually got to go to the zoo last week since it is finally starting to get nice and warm. Lets just say that it started off with a bang. We were about a block away from the zoo when Taylor told me that her belly button hurt. I didn't think much of it because she always tells me that her belly button hurts. Well this time there was truth to it. She up-chucked all over her cute clothes, Addy's blanket and her car seat. LOVELY! We got her out of the car and she seemed to be just fine. Luckily I had an extra change of clothes in the car so we could still go to the zoo. Taylor really wanted to see the Crocodile's in Crocodile Lake just like Dora, so she would have been sad if we didn't end up going. We did have lots of fun, but getting Taylor to take a cute picture is just a lot to ask of her (see above). Addy stayed in the snugly on me all day. She actually did really good except for killing my back from carrying her around. On a bummer note we couldn't find any lions or hippos (Maybe we just missed them, but we looked everywhere). We still had lots of fun.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Lehi Legacy Center

This week we actually got out of the house and did something fun.

I know its AMAZING.

It is all thanks to my sister-in-law Hailee. She had seen the Legacy Center on Gingers blog and thought it would be a fun place to take the kids. After she convinced me that nobody I knew would see me in my swimsuit, I decided to go. It was perfect for Taylor & Carter. It had slides, swings and playgrounds all in the water. Taylor loved it. The best part about it is that it was so loud from all the kids playing that Addision slept through almost everything. Anyone that hasn't been there should try it out. It is only $5 per person for anyone over the age of 3. All kids under 3 are free.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pony Express Days

Yesterday we decided that we wanted to do something fun with Taylor. The Pony Express Days have been going on the whole week and Saturday was the last day. We thought that we should try it out to see what they had going. Taylor loved it. She went on some rides, played some games and got her finger nails painted by The Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell. Okay so it might have been a little cheesy, but Tay loved it and that is all that matters. Addison was there also(OOPS! Not Pictured) but it was a little too chilly to get her out of her stroller. These pictures are priceless. For those of you that don't know it is a one in a million chance that we can get Tay to smile or even look at the camera for a picture. Hopefully she will get better at it.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our Little Angels

These two little girls are what make our lives so amazing. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Addison was born into our lives in April of this year. Her sister just can't get enough of her. Everytime I turn around Taylor is singing her baby sister a cute little song to try to get her to stop crying (which Addy is doing all the time). Taylor is in heaven to have her very own baby in her home she just can't wait for her to get big enough to play with. However, I think Addison has to step in line on Taylor's favorite list, because her cousin Carter is all she talks about. Taylor just loves to play with him and kiss him all the time. She would probably spend all day everyday at his house if I would let her. Maybe one day she will want to be with Addison as much as she likes to be with Carter. I guess only time will tell.