Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back in Action

We are back in action. I have been so lame with my blog these last few months. The truth is we haven't been doing much of anything.
A few weeks ago Hailee got all of us together to go to Chucky Cheeses before she had to start back at school. What more is there to say. The kids loved it. Addie even got to do some things this time. Usually she is sleeping.
Addie thinking she is just as big as the other kids.

Taylor & Hadley loving Chucky Cheese & each other!!!

This last weekend Taylor & I got to go spend a little time with one of my very best friends Sunny and her little girl Allie. Taylor & Allie are so cute together, and even better they get along all the time. You never hear them fight or cry when we are together, which happens to be one of the best things ever. They really are the best of friends. We decided to take the girls to McDonalds play place for some food & fun (not my favorite place to eat, but it keeps the kids entertained for a while not to mention wears them right out). After we got done at McDonalds we thought it might be fun & cheap to take the girls over to the bowling alley. The girls were both very independent and wanted to push their ball down the alley by themselves. They did good, but it took the ball FOREVER to get to the pins. It was nice to get out just Taylor & I. Sometimes I get so caught up in things that I don't give Tay as much attention as I should, so this was the perfect opportunity to spend some one on one time with her & enjoy Sunny and Allie's company. Thanks for the fun afternoon. We can't wait to hang out again.

This girls at the bowling alley

Obviously I really like my shirt. I wore it on Christmas then to Chucky Cheeses & then to Bowling. I promise I have other shirts.
Here is Tay showing off how cool she is with her Bowling Ball.

Taylor & Allie being the Best of Friends (So Cute)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

This year was filled with a lot of fun & happiness. We get so busy in December with all of the Christmas things going on that once the New Year hit we felt like we could breath again.

Taylor was really excited and kind of nervous about Santa this year. She loved sitting on his lap and telling him everything that she wanted, but she was a little scarred that Santa comes into our house to deliver presents while we are all sleeping. At our christmas party with my family my mom always has Santa come. He gave all the kids a key to hang on the door Christmas Eve so he could get into all the houses. He told the kids that he was getting a little bit too old to go down the chimneys, and now a days not everyone has a chimney so he needed another way to get in the houses.

Addie couldn't stop starring at poor Santa. She didn't cry she just STARRED.

Taylor telling Santa all the things that she would like him to bring on Christmas

Addie with her Christmas Eve PJ's

Taylor with her Christmas Eve PJ's

Every Christmas Eve we go over to TJ's sister Amie's house for a yummy dinner with everything you could imagine. All the kids pick names so they all opened their presents on Christmas Eve this year.

Addie opening her new Bee Bop Band toy. Taylor is watching very closely to see what else she gets to play with at home.

Taylor with her new Hanna Montana Makeup kit.

Christmas morning we all rolled out of bed at about 9:30 AM and ran out to see what Santa had brought. Taylor was in HEAVEN. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Taylor with all her new Toys from Santa

Addie with her new Christmas presents. She didn't really know what was going on.

Taylor with her new Vanity and all the cool thing to go with it. She said that this is for her hair done. I am sure she means for doing her hair, but what can I say she is three.

Of course my kids were spoiled, but I just love to see their faces when they open things. Taylor got a new vanity for her room for her hair done (as she would put it). It plays music and she sings and dances to it while she is putting on makeup or blow drying her hair. Her other favorite thing is her new baby from Aunt Amie's house and her new stroller for her baby. She had been asking Santa for this over and over again since she broke her last stroller by sitting in it herself. Addie just loved the paper to be honest. She starting sitting up by her self FINALLY at the first of December so that was a present in itself.

After opening presents at our house we headed off to Grandma and Granpa Carlson's for some more Christmas fun. The kids all got their own stockings with cute Hawaii shirts and some candy. Then they got to open their big presents.

Addie & I with her new Polar Bear ball toy

Taylor got a Little People's princess castle. She loved it.

This year we didn't go to Grandma and Grandpa Evans house until the day after Christmas. My brother Milan and his family flew in from Texas on Christmas night so we got together the next day instead.

Addie with her cute cousin Payton. Payton makes Addie look like a giant. They are so stinkin' cute.

Taylor got another hair dryer and comb kit. She like this one better since it was Dora. Don't ask what her face is doing.

The New Year is always fun. We put all the kids to bed & stayed up way past the New Year playing games. Hailee & Ryan brought sparklers for the kids so they could enjoy a little bit of the New Year also. Even better the UTES WON THE SUGAR BOWL the next day which makes us all happy because all of our husbands where happy. We hope you all had a great holiday season. We can't wait to see what 2009 will bring.