Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!

I can't believe our cute little Taylor is in Kindergarten. It was a good & exciting day. Taylor has Mrs. Lindberg for her teacher, and one of her best friends Jayden is in her class. They even get to sit right next to each other, which Tay thought was the coolest thing ever. I didn't do to bad for a mom. I might have shed a couple tears after we got into the car, but that was it. She is so cute, and I am going to miss having her help during that time. Love Ya Tay! Good Luck!

Addie cried a lot more than I did. She was so sad that she couldn't go to Kindergarten with Taylor. She will get over it next week when she starts Preschool.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happier Baby

Okay, maybe not a total Happier Baby, but we can hope this was a start.

First bath Paislee has had without screaming the ENTIRE time.

Big accomplishment for her @ 5 Weeks.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Spider Woman

The other day we went over to TJ's brother Shawn's house for a birthday party. Garrett came out wearing a Spiderman mask and Addie thought it was the coolest thing ever. She begged her dad to put the mask on her. How funny is she. What little girl wants to be Spiderman. She seriously ran around for a while wearing the mask until I made TJ take it off before she ran into something. Good News is TJ doesn't need a boy, he has Addie. She loves to do things like this, and also loves to pick up bugs (which I hate). Taylor freaks out at the site of a bug, and Addie just runs up and grabs the bug, and then lets Taylor know that it is going to be okay. I guess little sister's have to take care of big sister's sometimes. It is so funny how different they are.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What a week with Paislee!!!!

Okay, so I forgot how hard newborns are to figure out. This past week was a LONG & draining week. Paislee cried all day Monday and Tuesday. I didn't know if she was just had colic, or if something was really wrong. I called the doctor and took her in on Wednesday afternoon. We found out that she had lost a few ounces which means she is not getting enough food from nursing. So I had to start supplementing formula with nursing to make sure she didn't lose anymore weight. The Dr. decided that she has some acid reflex and maybe colic, but as most of us know Newborns are all about trial and error regardless of how exhausting it can be. I think more than anything it just added to our week. It was my first week back to work (in office), along with going into surgery to get my gall bladder removed on Friday. I ended up cancelling my surgery for a later date until the baby was a little more on a schedule and life settled down a bit. Paislee is still pretty fussy, but not near as bad as she was those first two days. Hopefully she turns out to be an amazing sleeper like Addie was after she got over her colic. I will say not matter how much this little baby cries I still couldn't imagine life without her, and love her to pieces.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Haircut

We finally decided to get Addie's haircut. Her hair was so long and with the curls it would just rat up really bad. I didn't want to cut it since all of her cute curls where on the bottom and I knew they would just go away. She wanted her Aunt Kortni to cut her hair so bad so we headed over there while Taylor was at dance, and ended up cutting about 3 inches off.

She started to get sad towards the end. I am not sure if it was because we actually cut her hair or because she had to sit still the entire time. I am guessing it was about sitting still.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Funny Addie Girl

I just had to post about this. The night we got home from the Cabin we were having a hard time putting Addie to bed. Basically if she has any sort of nap during the day you can count on her not going to sleep on time that night. She kept coming out into the living room trying to get out of going to bed. Finally she stopped coming out so we figured she went back to her room and went to sleep. TJ headed into bed and found her in our bed fast asleep. Needless to say Addie has a mind of her own, and she will do what she wants regardless of what mom & dad say.

So Cute Though!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Raspberry Days

As always we headed to Bear Lake for Raspberry days. I wasn't totally sure if we should go since Paislee was only 2 weeks old, but it was TJ's birthday weekend and I know that was what he wanted to do. It was actually a very nice relaxing weekend. We just hung out at the cabin, went to Raspberry days one day and went fishing. We actually caught a good amount of fish and had a fish fry along with giving away some of our fish as well. Since it was just our little family and Grandma and Grandpa we didn't go to the Beach, but it turned out really nice.

Addie fishing with her Daddy

Taylor waiting for a fish to bite onto her fishing pole.

Paislee just hung out in the car in her car seat most of the time.

I had to post this just to show reality.

The funny thing is that none of us remember why she was crying.

These girls LOVE their Dad.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paislee's 2 Week Checkup

It is so crazy to think that our little Paislee is already 2 weeks old. She has been so much fun, and exhausting. We are definitely sleep deprived, but it is all worth it. There is not much that this little girl really likes yet. She HATES being any sort of naked. Which basically means she hates getting her diaper changed, clothes changed & HATES!!!!!!! BATHS!!!! She screams so hard she goes horse. So sad, but she wears herself out to sleep really good after. The one thing she does love is to be cuddled ALL the time. She loves that comfort and warmth.

Paislee's checkup went really well. Dr. Boettger says that she looked really good and seemed to be in good health other than looking a little jaundice. He said that there are two types of jaundice, one is good and one is bad. He was pretty sure that she had the good jaundice since her levels were really low at the hospital, but he wanted me to go get it checked just in case. Sure enough he was right. She had the good kind which actually comes from breast milk, and goes away within 4 weeks or so. She has gained a good amount of weight.

Here is where Paislee is at at 2 wks

Height: 20"

Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz

Cute as a button.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dancin' Girls

I can't even explain how EXCITED Addie was to start dance this week. She wants to be just like her big sister all the time, and she watched Taylor go to dance all last year and wanted to be with her every time. I have to say I love this age in dance. Even though they don't really have a clue about any of it, it is so cute to just watch them try. So cute. Taylor was teaching Addie dance moves all day so she would be ready to go. I don't' think Addie is going to remember any of them, but it was a cute big sister thing to do. Taylor couldn't wait to go back either. She loves dance, and she has been so bored this summer with a prego mom that doesn't want to do too much that she could barely stand to be home anymore.

Cute Sister's in their dance outfits

I LOVE this little girl to pieces.

She can be so mischievous, and then turn around and just melt my heart.