Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Time!!

Christmas time is so fun, but very exhausting. I do love the Holidays though. It always seems that everyone is in a better mood.

Thanksgiving Point

We decided to go see the lights a Thanksgiving Point this year instead of driving up to the SLC temple. Honestly, they were just as good if not better. We let the kids get out and go see Santa's Reindeer after the lights. Taylor thought that was AWESOME!!

Christmas Eve

We always get to go over to Aunt Amie and Uncle Rick's house for an amazing Dinner. They fix the best dinner ever for this special day. Thanks again to Amie and Rick for giving us something yummy to eat the day before Christmas.


We started the day off with lots of presents, and a yummy breakfast. Then it was off to the Evans for the family get together. After that we moved on over to the Carlson's to get together as well. It was a busy day, but so great to spend with all of the Fam. We missed seeing you Milan, Sarah and Family. We hope some day you will be back to the Christmas family parties.

Our cute little family. Christmas 2010

Addie's favorite toy. I still don't get it.

The girls have over 20 babies, but they always want a new one.

Gotta love Christmas. A kids dream come true!

Spoiled Rotten!

Also, Spoiled Rotten!!!!

Some of the Carlson kids.

Zach, Addie, Lexi, Taylor, Hadley & Carter

Not sure what this face is for, but it is funny and cute.

Taylor still excited about Christmas at 7PM.

Our two little Princesses. They are the cutest!

All in All it was an amazing year. We ended the year off with telling all of our families our GREAT news that we have a third addition coming in July!!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Taylor's Dance Recital

We decided to put Tay back in dance this year. She LOVES to dance. It is one of her favorite things to do every week. Now that she is in the older class she gets to do two dances at the recital. It was so cute to watch all of those girls dance. The recital is my favorite part.

Tay in her Hip Hop Costume. So cute.

Taylor doing her hip hop dance. She is over on the far right side.

Here she is posing in her jazz costume.

She thought she was hot stuff that is for sure.

Shake that booty Tay!!

Good Job Tay! You are so cute dancing your booty off.