Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photo Shoot!

Okay! So I know I just did a post, but I had to blog about the cute pic's that I got taken of my girls. After seeing the adorable pictures of Carter that Ryan's sister JoRae took I just had to have her take some of my girls. We meet up last week in Herriman where we struggled to get both of my girls to even smile. Thank goodness I had Hailee & Carter with me to help or else I might have seriously lost it. JoRae gave me a sneek peak of the pictures she took on her website and I can't wait to see the rest. They turned out so dang cute. My girls are some of the hardest kids to photograph since Taylor for some reason hates the camera, and Addison is at the hard age of keeping happy. So to get even these after a night of struggle just amazes me. Thanks again JoRae. You are the best. Let me know what you all think.

Happy 24th!

Since the 24th was on a Thursday this year and with TJ's new job we were unable to go out of town on any vacations. We decided to make the most of it close to home. We started off with a sleep over at TJ's parents house. Which I had suggested as a joke at first, but then became reality. We put the kids to bed and played games until about 2am when we all realized that we are too old to stay up that late. On Thursday we went to The Living Planet Aquarium after the guys got back from playing golf at the old Pebblebrook golf course which (shocker!) is still in business. The kids loved the Aquarium. They got to see all kinds of fish including Dory and Nemo. Plus they got to put their hands in the touching pool where they had sting rays. Later that night we went to TJ's sister's house to watch a great display of fireworks. On Saturday we woke up and drove to Park City to hang out with my family who is staying there in some timeshares for the week. We did a little swimming and the girls got together and made a bunch of cute bracelets for my soon to be niece in a couple of weeks. All in all we had a fun 24th for just staying close to home. Thanks to everyone who hung out with us, we would have been bored without you.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Little Roastin'

This last weekend Hailee decided it would be fun to go up to the canyon's and have a weenie roast. Even though TJ and I were totally unprepared we still had a blast. Hopefully next time we will know exactly what to bring. We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon and got a camp spot to sit around the fire and roast hot dogs and smores. We had lots of fun hanging out and singing songs with the kids. The kids just loved playing in the dirt, getting way to close to the fire and picking up rocks & pinecones (they are actually called popcorns if you ask Tay). I think their favorite part was looking for deer with their Grandpa. Thanks for all the fun everyone.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Fun in Bear Lake

Yeah for Summer!

I am sure you will be seeing lots of pictures this summer from Bear Lake. Bear Lake is our main vacation spot every summer. TJ's parents have a cabin there that we just love to go and relax, play games, go to the lake & eat lots of junk. This time around I finally got to learn how to water ski since last summer I was prego and doc said that it was a bad idea. I am sure he was right, but I was really bummed out. I had lots of fun doing it and actually got up for a few seconds which was fun (except for the master crashing part). Taylor has so much fun playing in the sand with her cousins and going on the boat. We can't forget about Grandpa's boat. She just had to make sure that she got to ride on it since she had only been talking about it for the past year. She is absolutly amazed by boats. Hailee and Ryan supplied all the kid's with sparklers and snaps to do on the 4th of July which they couldn't get enough of. We got to take Addie swimming for the first time, and we are not sure if she really liked it or not (hard to tell, but she didn't really cry which is a plus). I think if the pool water would have been a little warmer she might have enjoyed it more. All in all we have lots of fun and can't wait to go back. Thanks to the fam for making our vaca's so great and fun.

Thanksgiving Point

My two sister-in-laws and I thought it would be fun to take the kids over to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point. Even though it was a little on the cheesy side the kids loved it. They got to ride the pony's, go on a little wagon ride and pet some of the animals. It was a nice day to just get out of the house and do something fun for the kids.