Monday, February 1, 2010

Sleding at the Cabin!!

This past weekend TJ and I decided to go up to the cabin and go sledding with TJ's old missionary companion & his family. We all had a blast. The kids loved sledding all the way down the big hills. It is so nice because we can go sledding right out side the cabin on the road which makes it a lot easier to have the cabin right there if we need it. Our family loves going up to the family cabin in the winter time because it is so relaxing. Here are some pic's from our adventure.

Taylor & Jayden having a slumber party. They were so excited to sleep in the same bed.

Addison & Jenn getting ready to go down the BIG hill. Addie loved sledding.

Cute girls playing in the snow & making snow angels.

TJ taking Harley down the hill. Harley loves to go sledding, but mostly he just loves to chase the sled's and ride in the back of the Rhino.

Addie going down the small hill all by her BIG self. I was too busy taking the picture that I didn't catch her in time and she fell off & just rolled. She thought that was pretty funny.

Taylor & Jayden going down together. I love the look on their faces.

Taylor taking her turn. She could have stayed out sledding all day. Even after about 5 hrs of sledding.

Addie, Jayden & Taylor getting ready to go down the hill together.

Addie & Harley waiting for the sled's to come back up the hill for their turn.

TJ, Taylor & Brad, Jayden getting ready to race down the big hill. Addie obviously wanted to go also.

Addie thinking she is just as big as the other girls. What would we do without that smile??