Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter & Stuff

Addie's One Year Appointment!
I took Addie to her one year doctors appointment thinking the doctor was going to tell me that Addie was a VERY big baby, but actually she isn't as big as I thought. She weighed 21 lbs & her height was 29 1/4 inches. She is actually only in the 50% range on both height & weight. However her head is still off the charts (as in BIG)!!!!! Addie is crawling around like crazy, but still refuses to walk. With my luck she won't start walking until she is 18 months.

Our cute little family

Easter Fun!!
Every year we get to go to my parents on the Saturday before Easter for a little Easter Egg Hunt, and then on Sunday we go to TJ's parents for another Easter Egg Hunt. On Saturday before we went to my parents house we went over to our neighborhood park for a ward Easter party and hunt. Taylor just wanted to candy inside of the eggs, and Addie just wanted the eggs to play with. We had lots of fun, and brought home WAY TOO MUCH CANDY!! Especially since TJ and I started a new diet thing (AGAIN! SINCE SUMMER IS ON ITS WAY)

Taylor with her Easter basket from the Easter Bunny.

Addie with her Easter stuff from the Easter Bunny.

Taylor & Hadley showing off their eggs in a ballerina pose.
They are soooo cute.

I never thought that I would say it, or do it but I have come to the conclusion that I am an addicted couponer. After getting several things for FREE or less than a $1 I just can't stop. Let's be honest who doesn't like FREE!! I am amazed what you can do with coupons at stores, and what they will let you get away with. Last week Walgreens had a sale on Schick razors. I had a couple coupons for them, plus I stacked them with their in store coupon which made me get them for FREE plus overage. Here is what I got. I bought eight boxes of razors (3pk), & 4 toothpastes for just over $4.00 plus I received $7.00 back to spend on my next shopping trip. Can't beat making money off buying stuff. Also, yesterday I went to Target and got 6 boxes of fruit snacks (10 pk), 2 trial size deodorants, 1 Johnson & Johnson soup, and 2 travel packs of huggies wipes for $2.18. Awesome Right?? I have doing this for a few weeks and can't believe the size of my food storage now. If any of you are interested let me know and I can get you started on the addiction.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday & Very Sick Kids

This is the perfect picture of Addie's personality.
She loves making faces, and her Grandma's.
Here she is opening her first birthday present!
First Birthday
I can't believe that our little baby is already turning one. It doesn't seem like she has been around that long. After 3 months of awful colic, Addison turned into the most perfect little angel, we couldn't have asked for anything more. I guess you could say that we deserved something great after those first 3 months. Addie has the cutest personality and brings such joy to our family. I love her cute little raspy voice. Here is a list of her favorite things at ONE.
1 - SLEEP (Addie loves to sleep. She still sleeps in until about 10:30 AM every morning, and takes a couple 2 hour naps a day. I LOVE IT!!)
2 - TAYLOR (Addie loves her big sister. Even though her big sister bugs her a lot she still thinks Tay is so funny and loves to try to be big just like her.)
3 - DANCING (Every time Addie hears music she does this cute little bounce. It is so funny. My favorite is when I am watching The Ellen Show the minute Ellen starts her little dance Addie is right there with her just a bouncing)
4 - NEW TOYS (Addie got a cute little princess walker/rider that she loves to push around she thinks she is so big pushing it all by herself. Even though I have to be right with her for when she falls. She also got a little activity table that she loves to stand up and play with thinking she is just as big as her sister.)
5 - ARMY CRAWL (Addie thinks that she is such a cruiser doing the Army Crawl. She sometimes gets up on her hands and knees, but then she realizes that she likes to army crawl a lot better. I am not sure if she will walk before she is two, but as long as she is content, then I am.)
6 - EATING (I never have to push Addie to eat, which is completely opposite from Taylor. As long as there is a spoon going to her month she will open it right up for your. She loves food, and is not picky about any of it.)
That is just a few things that we get enjoy about Addison. I love that she is such a good baby, but I hate it that she is growing up so fast. We love you Addie!!


So I got the idea from Hollie, but it didn't turn out as cute as hers.

Here is Addie starting her big mess with CAKE!!

Addie showing off the big mess she made for her Birthday.

Sick Kids
Addison has had a little bit of a cough for a couple of weeks and she started to get progressively worse, so I took her into the doctor last Friday and we found out that she had Bronchitis. Then on Sunday Taylor woke up with a little cough. We didn't think much of it because it wasn't that bad and the doctor said that Addison wasn't contagious, so we decided to still have a little birthday party for Addie that night with TJ's family. Then on Monday night we put the girls to bed and we heard Taylor coughing and gasping for air. At times she could barely catch a breath, and I was getting prepared to take her to the ER, since this same kind of thing just happened to my nephew Ethan. After we got her calmed down a little we decided to wait it out and TJ slept in her room for the rest of the night. She was up and down all night coughing and a high fever. TJ took her to the doctor the next morning and sure enough Taylor has a really bad case of Croup and since he was there he had the doctor check Addie, and her Bronchitis turned into RSV. So now it is Wednesday, April 1st & Addie's actual birthday. Taylor, Addie and I are all sick and miserable. What a Birthday. I guess we will have to celebrate it when we all feel better. Addie is on the down end of RSV and should be hopefully be better by the weekend and Taylor should be better in a few days. Only time will tell. Sorry if we got anyone else sick.