Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Addie Update!!!

Today (June 21, 2011) was Addie's first checkup with her doctor for her neck since her surgery. I am so excited to report that everything looks really good. The doctor said that her incision looks better than he thought it would, and that it would lighten up after about 6 months. As well as her tongue was all the way healed and looked great. Addie also had to have her Thyroid levels checked to see if they were low, and if she will need medication. Even better news her levels are perfect for right now. She will have to have it checked every year to make sure she stays at a good level, but for now we are good. We are so thankful that it is all over, and pray that it will never come back. It is crazy to think back on the first time she went in and see what she has been through this year. She is definitely a fighter and stronger than I could ever be. We are so happy that everything turned out good and feel so lucky to have our little Kussy in our lives. LOVE YOU ADDIE!!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dance Recital

Cute Taylor!! I love her dance recital's. They are so much fun to watch. Taylor loves to get all dressed up and makeup done. So Cute. This year we had Tay in a upper class that had two dances at the recital instead of one which gave us more to look forward to.

Strike a pose!

Taylor with her cousin's Lexi and Hadley. I love having family in the same dance as well. It gives us more dances to watch.

Dancing in her jazz dance with Hadley.

Addie can hardly wait to start dance in August.

She wants to be big just like her sister.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Addie Update

It has been two weeks since Addie's surgery, and she is doing awesome. In fact she was doing awesome before we even left the hospital, but it is nice to be home. The doctors put stereo strips over her incision after the surgery (no stitches). They said they would just fall off in a couple of weeks. So, It finally fell off yesterday, and we were able to see the incision for the first time. It is probably about 2 inches long with a separate small incision on the side of it where her drain tube was. We thought the doctor told us that the incision was actually smaller than the last one in January, but we think he must have meant the drain tube incision now looking at it. All in all it looks pretty good for just being two weeks after. What a champ this little girl is. Addie is so cute and just keeps telling me that it is all better. I know I worry more than I should, but it was such a big surgery for her to just be running around right after. It made me a little nervous, but I am getting past it now and moving on to letting her be a kid again.


The out come.

Cute Sisters!!
Addie loves to take pictures. I think I have about 5 of this same one.