Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Ear's Pierced

Taylor has been back and forth for a couple of years about getting her ears pierced. She was so worried that it was going to hurt WAY to bad that it wasn't worth it. Well this past weekend we went up to the Cabin to get away for Memorial Day (forgot to take any pictures), and Uncle Tyler pinched Tay's ear and told her that is how it will feel. So, she felt it was time and begged me to go get them, and we did. Little did I know that my little munchkin Addie was going to want to be like her big sister. She had no idea what was coming. Taylor didn't cry a bit, and Addie screamed. Nothing like having your kid scream in the middle of the mall. Now Taylor loves hers, and Addie won't let anyone touch her ear's. I have to pin her down in order to even get them cleaned. I will say that it made them look so grown up after getting them done.

Cute Girls!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Coming Home

After 4 long days at Primary Children's, I am happy to say that we are going HOME!! Addie's fluid level finally got to the amount that they wanted. When the Doctors came into the room early this morning I knew by the big smiles on their faces that we were going home. All they needed to do was pull out the drain from her neck, and we were on our way. I was so worried about everything that was going to happen with Addie, but it all turned out really good. We are so thankful that we have such an amazing children's hospital close to our home, and that have amazing doctors that you can feel good about putting your child's life in their hands. Addie is her crazy "No Stopping" cute self, she acts as if there is nothing wrong. It amazes me how well kids handle these things, and how fast they recover. I wish we could stay that way forever.

Out on the patio enjoying some sun. She was so happy to go outside.

We had the best nurse ever the last two days.
She gave Addie bubbles to take out on the patio for some extra fun.

Addie with her biggest fan. Her dad is her favorite thing in the whole world.

Patiently waiting for the discharge papers to come through. Even though she told me she didn't want to go home. She loved all the attention she got, not to mention getting string cheese and gatorade whenever she asked.

Our cute girl ready to go home. I got her these new Jammies to wear.
She could hardly wait to put them on.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Addie's Surgery

Wow!! What a trooper our little Addie is. On Thursday, May 19th Addie went into Surgery to remove the Branchial Cleft Cyst that she has that got infected back in January. The ENT doctor knew that her surgery was not going to be clean cut, but it was the only way to make sure that it wouldn't get reinfected and be in that scary situation again. TJ, Addie and I headed up to Primary Children's at 10AM on Thursday, May 19th. Addie was then taken into surgery at 11:30AM where we tried to patiently wait and be calm through the whole thing. The nurses kept us updated every hour on what was going on, and how Addie was doing. After 4 LONG hours the doctor came out and said that he was able to get everything out, and Addie was doing great. PHEW!!!! So, this is what he had to do: He opened Addie up through the same incision that he went into before when they drained the cyst. He then had to remove all the scare tissue from the last incision and saw that there was still a lot of inflammation in there which he was suprised since it had been almost 4 months (he also said that it would have definitly got reinfected here soon if we wouldn't have brought her back in for surgery). He was able to locate the cyst (which was a worry that he would not be able to find it) and remove it. The cyst had punchered into Addie's vocal cord box which they were able to cut the cyst out of and sew the vocal cord box back up. They then had to remove her whole left half of her thyroid since it was damaged from the cyst getting infected back in January. They then put a drain tube in to drain any blood & fluid out of her neck so it wouldn't get infected. On top of all of that Addie had a tongue tie (tight, thick skin under the tongue) that the dentist wanted to get cut soon, which was affecting her speach as well. We were able to have the ENT doctor cut that while in surgery so it was all done at the same time. WOW! RIGHT?? Addie came out of surgery a little ticked off at her Mom & Dad, but was really good on all of her vitals. YEAH!!!! Now we are in waiting mode. Addie still has the drain, and that is what is keeping us up at Primary's. I guess they want a minimal amount of fluid coming out, and there is more than they want to see at this point. The doctors are just being really cautious with her so she doesn't get reinfected in that same spot that could damage more. They say that it is about a 95% chance that they cyst won't come back, so crossing our fingers that Addie is part of that percentage. We are all doing really well other than that, just furstrated that Addie is her normal little BUSY self but we still have to keep her at the hospital until the fluid level goes down. She is the cutest thing ever, and this time around is much better than the last. She is happy as can be, and LOVES all the extra attention she has been getting from nurses, doctors and family. We are hoping to go home tomorrow, but only time will tell. Thank you for all the prayers, love & support that all of you have sent our way. You all have kept us strong through all of this. Hopefully this is the last of Addie being in the hospital.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dance Pic's

Our cute little dancer got her dance pic's last week. She was so excited to get all ready with makeup and hair. She kept telling me how cute she looked the whole way there. Here are a few pic's I just took on my own.

Cute little Tay!! I love this little girl to bits!!

The little dancers. Taylor, Lexi & Hadley

Addie felt left out. Good thing she is going into Dance this September. Addie started crying when we were done because she didn't get a turn to take pictures.

Cute little Addie & Brae. Cute Cousin's.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Few Fun Things

This week I decided to take the girls out and do a few fun things. I wanted to make sure to get some things in before Addie has her surgery on Thursday, May 19th.


My girls always love going to Wheeler Farm. We usually meet up with some of my girlfriends and their kids to get outside and have some fun. We fed the ducks and the CRAZY geese bread, and my friend Kenz brought cut up apples to feed to the Horses which the girls thought was funny until I tried to have them do it. Fun night out for us even though Addie had to go to the bathroom when we were a mile away from the restrooms. I am sure it was pretty entertaining watching a 7 mth pregnant woman running with a 3 year old in her arms in heels. Needless to say we didn't make it and it wasn't pee. YIKES!!! The worst thing EVER. I was so not prepared for that to happen so Addie had to go without underwear the rest of the time. Oh Well they had fun so that is all that matters.


I have heard so much about the Sweets Candy factory so I wanted to take the girls there for a tour, and get me some yummy candy too. They thought it was so cool how all the different candies were made. To be honest I think I might have enjoyed it more than them.

Me and the Girls at the Candy shop.

All the cute kids that we went with. Gage, Addie, Deagon, Taylor & Jayden