Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas is finally here.  December always seems to be so crazy between parties & shopping.  Every year we spend Christmas Eve with the Carlson's over at TJ's sister Amie's home.  She always does a huge dinner.  This year the kids opened their presents to each other on Christmas Eve as well.  This year Christmas fell on a Sunday, so we had to get everyone up and dressed for church at 9am.  We didn't let the kids open their presents until they got home from church which was really hard.  But we knew that going to church on Christmas was what was important, since that is what Christmas is all about.  After we open our presents at home we head off to the Evans for a couple hours and the off to the Carlson's to finish up our Christmas Day.  Here all the pics from Christmas.

-Christmas Eve-
Addie giving her cheese with her new Tangled doll that she
gets to dress up just like.

-Christmas Eve-
Taylor showing off her Doodle Bear.  She has been wanting one of
these all year.
-Christmas Eve-
My Cute PayPay smiling away.  This little girl makes my day!

 Christmas morning after church getting ready to open presents

Taylor opening her Christmas stocking

Paislee sitting in her bouncer watching.  She was so tired after
Church we actually put her down for a nap while we enjoyed
the other girls opening their presents.

Taylor SO excited about her new Hello Kitty Sewing Machine
(which didn't work).  This is all she wanted this year.

Addie and her baby doll set.  She saw this at Costco and
couldn't stop asking Santa for it.

The Trash Keeper!!  Grandpa Gary is so funny about making
sure every piece of garbage is put into a trash sack as soon
as the present is opened.

Sharri & I posing with our new crochet items from Mom.

Paislee investigating her present from Grandma & Grandpa Carlson

This was Addie's cheese.  That girl is so full of it.

We made sure Addie got a doodle bear as well, or else we
might of had a big problem at home.

Taylor wanted this doll from Grandma & Grandpa Carlson.  She
got an extra outfit for it as well.  She call's these her American
Girl dolls since we are too cheap to get the real thing.

Our Family Christmas Photo.

TJ & Josh showing off their coolness.

The Carlson Girls
Kortni, Amie, Donna (Grandma), Hailee & Me

This pictures only come about once a year.
It is not too often you will see TJ and I alone in a picture
Love that Guy!