Friday, June 25, 2010

June Summer Fun!

FINALLY!! It is starting to be more like Summer. Our girls have more than enjoyed the Summer heat.

Orem Days!!

A couple of weeks ago we decided to go the the Orem Days with our friends Brad & Jamie. I will say that Orem does have one of the better parades that I have been to. Taylor's favorite part is when she saw one of the guys working on the parade driving by in the Rhino like her Grandpas. Who would have thought that out of the entire parade the Rhino was the coolest thing.


The girls have LOVED being outside in the backyard swimming in their pool and playing on their slip and slide. I think they would be outside ALL day if they could. They have loved having friends and cousins over to play in it with them.


About a month ago I made Taylor & Addie these dresses. They actually turned out pretty cute especially since I am not even close to an expert at sewing. Not too bad for my first dresses. (Thanks Annalee for the pattern)

We got this GIANT love sac from our friends. It honestly takes up the majority of our living room when we have it in there. Taylor & Addie think it is the best.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is going to be a little long since I haven't posted since April. The truth is that we don't do too many fun things to blog about so here are some random things that we have done of the last few months.

The girls love to go bowling, and we got the chance to go for their cousin Carter's birthday and then with our friends Brad & Jamie. Here are some pictures from that.

TJ & Addie getting ready to roll the bowling ball.
The cousins! Lexi, Hadley, Carter & Tay. Who knows where Addie is??

Hadley & Taylor loving being together. They play so good together now. I Love it.

TJ & The Girls! They are a cute bunch.

Taylor & her best bud Jayden.

As most of you already know Addie is our crazy girl. She is constantly into EVERYTHING, and if you turn your head for a second she is most likely being mischievous. She is pretty easy to forgive because she is so cute, but she keeps us on our toes. A couple of weeks ago we were getting our stuff ready for the cabin and Addie came into the bathroom where I was bathing the dog holding an empty bottle of Nighttime Triaminic in one hand and the measuring cup for it in the other. She had medicine all down her chin and her clothes. I instantly freaked out and grabbed her and ran to the kitchen to start getting fluids in her. I had no idea how much she drank. There was quite a bit of medicine on the floor, so I knew she didn't have the whole bottle. I still was worried so I decided to call poison control (for the second time in Addie's life) to make sure she was going to be okay. The is just a little glimpse of life with that little girl, but I don't know what I would do without her.

Addie LOVES to swing. She cries every time you take her off.

Our cute girl enjoying being a kid & getting dirty.
After church one day I sat Addie on the couch with some crackers and when I came back in the room she was OUT. That doesn't happen very often for her, so we have to cherish these moments.

While I was in the shower the other morning I noticed when I got out how quiet it was. Which means BAD news for Addie. I found her in my closet trying on all of my winter gear. She didn't take these gloves off for a couple of hours.

This past week we had a busy day where I couldn't put Addie down for a nap. After we got home I decided to go get on the Treadmill & run for a bit. While I was running I looked over and Addie began to fall over on top of her toys & fell completely asleep. She was so cute.

Taylor just graduated from her first year of preschool. She LOVES school, and is bored to death already. She is the biggest helper ever, and Addie LOVES her to death as long as Tay doesn't bug her too much.

Taylor snacking after church. She could snack all day and never eat a meal if I let her.

Tay loves to do anything outside. She hates to stay in the house all day, it is WAY TOO Boring

Taylor, Carter & Garrett. Tay loves to be with her cousins.

The Cabin

We went on our yearly vacation to the cabin in Bear Lake over Memorial Weekend. It is actually one of my favorite times to go because it is a relax time. I think my kids would live there forever. They love it, and never want to leave.